14 Taman Tercantik di Dunia

1. Suzhou, China

2. The United States Botanic Garden, Washington, D.C.

3. The Skagit Valley, Washington state

4. The Dallas Arboretum

5. The Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis

6. Grant Park, Chicago

7. The Huntington Botanical Gardens,San Marino, California.

8. Chanticleer, Wayne, Pensylvania

9. Mirabell Palace, Salzburg, Austria

10. The New York Botanical Garden, Amerika

11. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Inggeris

12. Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

13. Keukenhof, Belanda

14. Butchart Gardens, Victoria, British Columbia


A lifestyle blogger who is very passion in accounting field. Love hiking and wish to travel and explore a whole world. Still a newbie in hiking world but wishing to be serious to hike in future. In Shaa Allah.

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